Validating the correct username from the database using javascript

ok now i need to know how to toggle a hidden object that was created by limesurvey and not with javascript and how to check this value like if!

After all it's only the browser display being obfuscated and not the data transfer.My question is focused on the validation of a simple text field. The user enters an ID in a question of simple text field. The ID entered by the user is looked up in a table in a database-not limesurvey 3.In case the ID is found in the table database, the field is successfully validated I think you'll need to fire an AJAX call to a remote script that accesses your ID. (probably on keyup or change of the text input) Depending on the returned result, you could toggle a hidden question and then use conditions, relevance or quotas to control further access to the survey.A lot of websites now require registration, meaning that users need to be assigned a username and password.Here are some simple steps to make the process more secure.Without the list of properties that are included, the default new window has no Location box, no toolbars, no scrollbars, and can't be resized: it's an evil console!


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