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He's pals with everyone from mega-investor Warren Buffett to Jay Z.

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I remember Bob Errey making fun of him because his shirt was untucked and stained. Cherry is about the nicest person you are ever likely to meet. I asked him last time I met him as to why he thinks that he wasnt asked to go to the 1976 Canada Cup. What are your stories that you have from any bad/good experiences you have from meeting Hockey stars?I remember Steve Yzerman being nice when I got his autograph back in 84 or so.It also allowed him the chance to strip off and pose like a muscle man -- an act he never needs to be asked twice to perform.It was a similar scene over the weekend when Ronaldo peeled off his jersey triumphantly after delivering the penalty kick that clinched Real Madrid's 11th Champions League title. He and Michael Jordan are the only players to win a regular-season MVP, NBA Finals MVP and an Olympic gold medal in the same year.Alex Ovechkin shouldn't play another game in these Stanley Cup playoffs. And that is why very few people of reason take the NHL seriously.


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